Market Research

Comprehensive research and in-depth market knowledge are key to making good business decisions. Understanding how your food brand fits into the market place is fundamental to its successful development and long-term success.

Every food brand needs a deep knowledge of their food category and the regulatory environment, their competitors, and their customers, to ensure that they remain competitive and relevant.

Bullseye provides a complete market research service to deliver the knowledge and information that you need to make the right brand decisions.
We have the knowledge and expertise to carry out extensive market research on your behalf including:

  1. Market Gap Analysis
    We analyse your brands current position in the marketplace versus your competitors and benchmark it against where exactly you want to be positioned in the future. Gap analysis is a very useful tool when looking at your brand positioning strategy and brand SWOT analysis.
  2. Price Audits
    Our in store market research team analyse all competitor price points in store, in your target category, in order to design a comprehensive price positioning strategy for your brand range on shelf.
  3. Taste Panel
    Food is primarily about TASTE and about creating an amazing sensory experience for your target customers. Our expertly trained taste panel allows you to develop a deep understanding of how your food products functional attributes are perceived by your target customers. Whether you are designing a new product or adapting existing recipe, we can provide you with a sensory analysis report that will give you the knowledge to make the correct product development decisions. ( Taste, Smell, Colour, Texture…etc )
  4. Focus Groups
    We provide custom-designed focus group research that can provide you with a deep understanding of how consumers perceive your products and your brand. Whether you are developing an entirely new product, modifying an existing product, creating new packaging, rebranding or carrying out early stage research and development our focus group service can probe deep into consumer perceptions, opinions, attitudes and beliefs.
  5. Food Trends
    Our food trend reports provide an in-depth market analysis and help you to monitor food trends across multiple markets. We can provide your food business with up-to-date knowledge on the latest trends in the food and drinks sector at home and abroad. Whether you need access to the latest consumer trends, health and lifestyle trends, retailer and distribution chain trends, information about changes in the regulatory environment or new developments in food technology – we have our finger on the pulse!