Brand Strategy

We understand the food business intimately; as such our experience can help you to quickly choose the correct brand strategy for your business. Our team of experts have in-depth knowledge of the food industry and by using our combined skills and market knowledge we can develop customised brand strategy solutions that will deliver for your particular food business.

  1. Brand Positioning
    Supported by our comprehensive market research services, our team of experts can work with your food business to ensure that your brand chooses a unique position in the marketplace. We identify the key rational and emotional unique selling points for your brand that will deliver true ‘value’ in the consumer’s mind-set.
  2. Business Plan
    A detailed, clear and comprehensive business plan is essential to the success of any food business. It is also a prerequisite in order to attract investors and grant aid into your food business. Our business plan development service will create a detailed roadmap for your food business. Whether you are a start-up or an established food business, we can prepare a comprehensive business plan customised to your particular needs.
  3. Marketing Plan
    Our team of marketing experts can provide your food business with a detailed and comprehensive Marketing Plan to help you implement your brand marketing strategy. We can create adaptable plans for your whole organisation or for individual products. We can create a tactical marketing plan for one marketing campaign or for an entire year.
  4. Feasibility Study
    If your business is launching a new product we can provide you with a comprehensive Feasibility Study to evaluate and analyse its potential in the market place, before you invest. We can provide a comprehensive business potential analysis looking at market research, environmental factors, and the availability of financing.
  5. NPD – New Product Development
    Bullseye has a long and successful track record in lunching new brands and start-up food businesses. We have an extensive range of New Product Development tools designed to help you launch the right product, at the right price, in the right packaging, into the right market.
  6. Grant Aid – Location & Application
    Grant aid and state enterprise development funding plays a vital role in food sector development. Bullseye works closely with all the enterprise support agencies and funding bodies. Our team of experts can take you through the application process step-by-step. We know the most suitable source of funding to fit your current food business development stage.
  7. Contract Manufacturing – Identification & Selection
    Outsourced contract manufacturing can very often provide a highly flexible and scalable solution that allows food businesses to get their products to the market in a timely and cost effective way, reacting rapidly to consumer demand. At Bullseye we can work with your business to identify and select contract-manufacturing partners to suit your brand requirements.
  8. Distributor – Identification & Selection
    Over the years we have built up a very strong relationship with many distributors in all food sectors. We can help you to identify and select the best distribution solution for your brand. Extensive and timely distribution is vital to success in the food business.
  9. Lean Manufacturing & Cost Control
    We can audit your food manufacturing process to design cost-effective manufacturing systems to ensure expenditure is tightly managed and kept under control using the Lean Manufacturing philosophy. We identify which aspects of your food business manufacturing process are truly generating value for your end customers and which processes could be made more efficient, improved upon, or entirely eliminated.